Toilet Unblocking Auckland 

If you have blocked toilet in your home, the best thing for you would be to get the drain unblocking Auckland team to to come unblock your drains. After all, nobody can stay in the house with a smelling toilet, which can also cause all kinds of infections. Also, you cannot go about looking for another toilet for your personal use.

How can you identify that your toilet is getting blocked? Below are a few symptoms or signs which will make you aware of a coming problem:

  • The water is taking a longer time to go down the toilet.
  • The bowl of the toilet gets filled up and remains full.

These symptoms can easily tell you that you have a blocked toilet. The blockage could either be partial or complete.


Causes for the Toilets Getting Blocked:

• Most of the times, the toilet gets blocked because of the toilet paper which is put inside. If this is done very frequently and in larger number, then you will definitely get a blockage. Also, there are different varieties of toilet paper which can cause a problem. There are some toilet papers that are heavy and take a longer time to get dissolved and these can cause problems for the toilet drain and also for the main sewer drain.

  • Sometimes, people also put sanitary napkins or tampons inside which could lead to blocked toilets.
  • And, if there are kids around, some of the toys or other things could also go inside the drain causing blockages.
  • Some people also flush down the nappies or toilet wipes inside the toilet drain.

These items could lead to blockages as they won’t get dissolved in water easily. Such items should ideally be put inside a dustbin, which could be placed inside the toilet. One must avoid putting such things inside the toilet bowl so that one can at least aim to have a cleaner toilet. To get you toilet drain unblocked call All About Blocked Drains now on 0800 425 522!

Call Auckland’s professional drain unblockers All About Blocked Drains, they will help in clearing the drains and also find out the root cause for it so that it doesn’t happen in future. The All About Blocked Drains team will help in cleaning up the toilets by using the toilet plungers or specialized tools for cleaning up the drain. Call Auckland’s expert drain unblockers All About Blocked Drains now on 0800 425 522.