Drain Spill and Flooding Clean-Up

Few things turn the stomach more than a sewer overflow. Posing a significant environmental, health, and safety risk, they are most commonly caused by blocked drains; after enough pressure builds up, raw wastewater pumps back up through the pipes and overflows through a manhole, gully trap, or drain. Although not quite as horrible, blocked drains not linked to sewage can also pose an issue, forcing excess water back through the pipes and causing flooding in and around your home or business. This is often caused by improper use of your property’s plumbing system, whether you regularly dump grease down the kitchen sink or don’t use screens over your sink and tub drains or root intrusion into the pipe.

All About Blocked Drains in Auckland is the leading drainage repair company in the area, specializing in spill and flooding clean-up as well as repairs and drain unblocking. Utilizing the latest in techniques, All About Blocked Drains works quickly and diligently to clean up the area, remove the blockage, and repair any damage to your commercial or residential property’s plumbing. We start by containing the overflow and then inspecting the drainage system manually or with a camera. Then, we remove the blockage with a high pressure water system, by manually cutting through blockages caused by roots, or a combination of both approaches.

But it doesn’t stop there; when the blockage is so great that it causes the system to overflow, it’s important to fix the drain lines damaged by the blockage. Because we strive to save our customers money without sacrificing quality or repair longevity, we may be able to install a lining in your drain that acts as a second pipe, fitting perfectly inside the existing piece. This allows for a free-flow of water and wastewater through the system without digging up and installing new plumbing. Of course, some damage requires new pipes, and our team is just as skilled at repairs as we are drain unblocking in Auckland.

Our job wouldn’t be complete without a thorough spill and flooding clean-up of your home. We work diligently to return your drains, land and home to their former glory while eliminating health and environmental hazards. In short, we handle the dirty work for you, making us one of the most full-service drain unblockers in Auckland.

No matter what the underlying issue is or the extent of the damage, All About Blocked Drains can help.

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