Drainage and Plumbing Services

A drain that is blocked can really cause major inconveniences in your home and this is in regards to the structural damage that may be experienced together with the convenience associated with proper water flow in your home. If a blocked drain problem is not tackled in a timely manner, then the problem may escalate from run-of-the-mill to true and actual emergencies! Blocked drained are a problem most people in Auckland don't want to deal with, call All About Blocked Drains for one of our Auckland based drain unblockers to come unblock your drain fast. All About Blocked Drains handle all types of drain blockage problems in both homes and businesses Auckland wide.


All About Blocked Drains services:

  • Shower Drain Unblocking
  • Sink Drain Unblocking
  • Toilets Unblocks
  • Drain Repairs
  • Root Cutting
  • Hydro Jetting
  • No More Roots
  • Pipe Patching
  • Drain Laying
  • CCTV Drain Camera


All About Blocked Drains Are Known To Fix What Others Cannot

We are well aware of the many problems faced when dealing with blocked drains, we have over 20 years industry experience so there isn’t a problem that we haven’t come across. All About Blocked Drains offer both drain unblocker and digging services. Our drain unblockers will sit with you and explain everything in detail until you fully understand how we are going to tackle the problem before proceeding. This also gives you an idea of when the whole process will be finished.

We usually undertake a number of methods when dealing with blocked drains. They include;

  • Hydro Jetting-which is the use of high pressure water.        
  • Draining rods-which are normally used for industrial strength blockage.  
  • Electro-mechanical machine-which is used for tricky blockages in compact areas.        
  • Use of CCTV-this assists us to find out where the exact cause of the problem is at which eventually enables us handle the blocked drain issue effectively.        

Our professionals are all registered experts who are well trained and skilled in the area of drain unblocking and plumbing needs which is why they are always fully equipped with their service vans ready to go ahead and deal with issues that come up. It is almost impossible to find them without specific equipment that may be required in either drain unblocking or plumbing problems.

Storm Water Drainage

Our experts do not only solve immediate problems but they also find larger issues that may lead to problems in the later future and deal with them ahead of time. This may be in regards to whether your system is residential or industrial and whether the problem at hand might be blockage, deodorization or sanitation. Having the tools that will ensure that the job gets done right the first time is what we stand for and this is because it will go on to save you money because disasters will be avoided by taking care of the issues right away.


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