Auckland Drain Unblocking CCTV Drain Camera Investigations!


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It is extremely common for underground drains to become clogged or fully blocked.  The ensuing results can be unbelievably inconvenient to just plain embarrassing. Given that the sewer drains, which transport our effluent lie beneath ground and are not accessible, the most efficient process to identify faults is delivered using our specialist CCTV drain camera technology.

CCTV drain camera inspections take the guesswork out of diagnosing what is wrong.  High pressure water jetting becomes much safer as the operators will be certain where to direct the jet or vacuum to what they are trying to remove. This can be anything from silt to old stockings, children’s small toys to drink cans blocking your inside or outside drains.  A CCTV drain camera inspection is the only way to gain vital information to solve the problem without digging unsightly holes in your property.

In many cases it may be necessary for the drain engineer to use a CCTV drain camera to determine what condition the storm water or sewer drain pipework is in. This will include inserting a drain camera into the blocked area. We carry out all CCTV drain camera inspections to any diameter of pipe work ranging between 40mm (no bends) and 150mm.

Our domestic camera is also self levelling and has a sonar device for locating the exact depth and location of any faults. Upon completion of the CCTV drainage survey, our customers are supplied a competitive quotation to remedy any faults found that lie within.


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