How to Get Rid of Roots in Your Drainage System

Trees add a great deal of beauty and shade to your property, however their roots can also damage your drainage system. The roots of trees naturally gravitate towards drainage pipes because that is where the water and nutrients are in the ground around your home.

A considerable amount of sewer system issues such as blockages and breakage is caused by the growth of roots around and into your sewer pipes. Every year, millions of dollars are spent in digging up lawns, removing the roots and replacing sewer pipes all across the country.

Unfortunately, most of this cost is borne by the homeowner who is responsible for properly maintaining their sewer pipes through their yards and into the general drainage system. What is worse is that most homeowners are unaware of the problems that the roots from trees cause to the drainage system until it is completely backed up.

How Roots Chew Up your Drainage Pipes

Basically, the warm water combined with the nutrients that sewer pipes carry attracts the roots of nearby trees. Over time, the roots grow larger which cracks the pipes and releases more nutrients. Once this happens, the roots grown even larger and fills up the pipe with smaller, hair-like roots to fully absorb the nutrients. It is only when these roots become so large that they clog up the pipe that it becomes really noticeable.

First things first, all trees should be at least 3 meters, if not further away from your sewer lines to help prevent roots from intruding. Plus, homeowners should avoid having fast growing tree species on their property with aggressive roots. Instead, slower-growing species are advised and even they should be kept well away from your drainage system.

How ‘No More Roots’ Can Keep your Sewer Lines Clean

No More Roots’ is a foaming chemical that is designed to counteract root growth near your sewer pipe system. ‘No More Roots’ is an aquatic herbicide that does not harm your pipes.

No More Roots’ is designed to kill roots on contact so that they don’t progress into the sewer pipe itself. Because ‘No More Roots’ foams up in the water, it will reach the top of the pipe where the roots enter and kill them on contact, creating a barrier that prevents the roots from progressing downward into the pipe itself. This means that the above ground vegetation is safe and the trees themselves are not negative affected since only the roots in the contact zone are destroyed.

‘No More Roots’ offers a powerful solution that really works without harming the environment. For protecting your pipes from the roots of trees, ‘No More Roots’ is the solution you need.