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All About Blocked Drains is Auckland's the leading drainage repair and inspection service. We have a team of experianced drain unblockers who are ready to unclog your plumbing 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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Blocked Drains

Our specialized machinery is used to battle the toughest of blockages to the smallest of leaks, as an advantage to us, and you, we can provide a service in one to cater to all problems.

Inside Drains

Toilets, Kitchen Sinks, Showers, Laundry Basins

Outside Drains

Gully Traps, Down Pipes, Waste pipes, Cesspits, Sewerage, Storm Water, Floodings

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CCTV Drain Inspection

What is CCTV drain inspection?

This camera sees the inside of drains and pipes to quickly identify the cause of drain blockages. It has built in sonar transmitting device to track the camera above ground to pinpoint the exact depth and location of the drain. With this information we can then provide you with the best solution. Seeing is knowing!

All About Blocked Drains cameras range from sizes 25ml to 225ml giving the ability to inspect all types of drain pipes.

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Dislodged Pipes

This is where two pipes are out of alignment (displaced) and form a lip which solid objects can catch onto and cause backflow and blockages in the drain.

Dislodged Pipes cause...

Infiltration (where ground water penetrates into the pipe). This is a major contributing factor to sewer overflows in the public drainage systems which in turn pollute our rivers and beaches.

Exfiltration (where raw sewerage leaks out of the pipe). This is a cause of discharges of raw sewerage into your surrounding environment which in turn contaminate the surrounding areas. Harmful germs in raw sewerage cause diseases such as cholera, hepatitis and gastroenteritis.

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Dig Up and Repair

This method has a high success rate and can be thought to be more expensive, this is definitely not always the case.

Our crews of specialist’s drain layers are an essential part of our team. Although most pipe repairs today can be successfully completed with the help of our new “NO DIG” pipe repair systems there still is a need for the hard working drainlayer. Pipes that are at a shallow depth or have lost their structural integrity and cannot be repaired by pipe patching or relining will most likely require excavation.

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"Just a note of thanks to you guys for a prompt and efficient response to my dilemma this morning" - Mahendra 

"Really happy with Sanford's work, he did a great job and communicated well throughout" - Steve



Drains tend to block at the most inconvenient times. We're here to help anytime of the day or night.

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We've served Auckland for more than 20 years. Our expert team know Auckland like the back of their hand.

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